Understanding the impact of scaled agile transformations

Better understand the impact of scaled agile transformations and how to measure this impact
- Research from Leiden University


For  :  Anybody involved in a scaled agile transformation (project/programme professional, developer/RTE/product owner/executive/etc.)
Researchers  :  Dr. Christoph J. Stettina , MSc Gijsbert C. Boon & BSc Tim Poot
When  :  Thursday June 30, 2022
Hoe Laat  :  20:00-21:30
Waar  :  Online. We use Zoom. After sign-up you will see the link
Remarks  :  English spoken session, some preparation required in the interest of the interactive meeting (and the research). 
Contribution  :  Free of Charge, 

Keeping track of scaled agile transformations can be difficult; there are many possible metrics to measure and only a limited amount of resources. Therefore it is not always clear how successful the transformation has been and how much improvement you can still expect.

In this interactive workshop we will:
1. Discuss what metrics you can use to measure your transformation, providing insights on what to prioritize.
2. Talk about the relation between transformation maturity and transformation impact, allowing you to compare your transformation against others. 
3. Conduct an academic survey, giving you the option to opt-in on the results with further insights.

This study is part of a larger series of studies all looking into the impact of scaled agile transformations. Earlier obtained results that are part of this series have already been published and are available at: https://library.oapen.org/bitstream/handle/20.500.12657/49499/9783030780982.pdf?sequence=1#page=95

If you are planning to participate in this workshop please fill out the following survey of about 15 minutes: https://leidenuniv.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9yM30TJ8AlFZr2C  . Its contents will be discussed during the workshop.

Christoph Johann Stettina
Christoph is a transformation lead and researcher with experience in a wide range of business agility subjects and passion in connecting strategy to execution. He is very interested in agile and iterative methodologies, and the human aspects of work. For over 10 years, Christoph has been advising organizations with a strategic IT capability in (co-)designing and (co-)implementing business agility across various industrial sectors, regions, and maturity levels. Focusing on helping organizations to connect effective program delivery to product innovation and strategic portfolios, he helps clients in adopting new ways of working in an effective, non-threatening manner. Being an assistant professor at Leiden University, his work on agile portfolio management, innovation management, governance, and entrepreneurship has been published in more than 30 academic and professional magazines and books.
Gijsbert Boon
Former CTO and owner of  e-learning management company, market leader in learning solutions in the healthcare industry. Since 2014 Agile transformation coach in various industries; from gaming companies to financial services; SME to large organizations. Real interest in “the million dollar question”: is your Agile transformation successful? Currently doing PhD research on this topic.
Tim Poot
Tim is a Master of Science student at Leiden University. After completing his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science he is now broadening his knowledge with the master program ICT in Business. He is currently writing his thesis at KPMG where he can leverage practitioner knowledge to better understand the impact of large scale agile transformations.