Squeezed between cultures

To share experiences and lessons learned about cultural differences


For  :  Young Professionals
Speaker  :  Geertjan Wolfs
When  :  June 16th, 2021
Time  :  19:30-20:30
Venue  :  Online. We use Zoom. You will find the link for Zoom after registration in the meeting page.
Remarks  :  An IPMA Young Crew Community meeting. | Maximum 30 applicants. 
This session is the first in a series on international cultures.
Contribution  :  Free

More and more project professionals encounter cultural differences in their work, which can be both interesting and challenging. We feel it is time to exchange experiences and lessons learned with each other! Whether it is between North Holland and Limburg, or Korea and Italy; we’d love to hear about your experiences.

Our keynote speaker of the day is Geertjan Wolfs, a project manager who will share his experiences and main take-aways from his work at TomTom, where he did several international projects. Geertjan has managed projects throughout the project lifecycle, from proposal to completion and closure.

During this event, we will explore cultural differences in the project landscape using experiences from all participants and using cases based on Geertjan's personal experience. We will explore questions as: What are the major differences? How do these impact the project? How can we deal with cultural differences and how can we enable such differences to shape high performing teams? It will be an interactive session, with room for each one’s own input. We want to challenge you to think in advance on which cultural differences you ever had to deal with!

Geertjan Wolfs has worked as a project manager for TomTom since 2014, where he delivered a variety of projects for leading car manufacturers. Working with both customers and teams in countries around the world has been a major part of his daily job. In 2020 Geertjan Wolfs won the bronze IPMA Young Project Manager of 2020 award for a recent project with Fiat-Chrysler.

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